Culture at Connectus

United as a team, our ambition is guided by a shared mission to innovate and elevate the wealth management experience for both our partners and clients. Here at Connectus, we champion a flat, cooperative structure and cultivate a team spirit that empowers every member at every career stage to significantly contribute to the organisation.

If you’re someone who thrives on challenges, appreciates the synergy of teamwork, and seeks the ability to directly influence results, we invite you to discover the dynamic career opportunities we offer.

We are connected by a common drive to exceed expectations

Our team-based approach emphasizes collaboration across the organisations to develop deep trusted relationships with our partners and clients. We operate with the utmost integrity, which embraces open dialogue, transparency and innovation to elicit curiosity, creativity and innovative solutions. Through this approach, we maintain a steadfast determination for delivering excellence, ensuring we provide our clients with best-in-class financial advice, solutions and continued engagement.

Our responsibility to give back… to our clients and our community

As fiduciaries, we know what it means to put the best interests of our clients first, always. It also means we have a responsibility to ensure that we act in the best interest of our partners, our employees, our community and our environment. We wish to be the change we seek and live that mantra through thoughtful action. Whether it’s supporting meaningful causes and organisations financially, donating our time, knowledge and expertise, or embracing a digital-first approach to reduce our carbon-footprint, we aim to find ways to meaningfully give back.

Molly Bennard - Chief Executive Officer
“We’re not just stewards of our clients’ finances. We believe in a grander cause, and owe it to ourselves to make an impact that’s responsible, sustainable and leaves a positive mark on our Connectus Community.”

Molly Bennard

Chief Executive Officer

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion are core to our culture at Connectus. Our global organisation has been built by respecting and appreciating what makes each of us unique, which includes, among other traits, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, language, national origin, education, experience and religion. We are grateful for the shared wisdom and innovation that such a diverse culture provides. Embracing and celebrating these differences allows us to effectively apply all of our talents, skills and backgrounds in pursuit of business objectives and leads to our competitive advantage.